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 Peggy Schmid: Decorative Techniques

Walt Wager, Ken Rizza, Rebecca DeGroot, Benoit Averly

Frank Bowers, Hans Weissflog

Dixie Biggs: Coloration and Enhacements


Curt Theobald: Forms and Inspiration, Segmented Turning (to the Max)

Jack Morse: Proper  Use of the Skew Chisel

Frank Bowers: Making an Oval Shaped Bowl

Al Stirt: A Bowl Maker

Ron Thomas: Coloration

Jeff Roberts Makes a Walking Stick

Tom Essex Demonstrates a Norfolk Pine Bowl

Sammy Long: Power Carving Leaves

Mark Sillay: Hollow Form with Finial Top

Club Christmas Party




Mike Sorge: Winged Bowls

Wayne Morris: Adding Feet to a Bowl

Frank Bowers: Back to Basics

Jamie Donaldson: Asymmetrical Turning

Dick Gerrard: Turning Spheres

Pat Oliphant: Chainsaw Carving

James McClure: Calabash Bowls

Eric Lofstrom: Multi-Axis Turning

Glen  Lucas: Salad Bowl

Mike Peace: Multi-Axis Birds

Mark Sillay: Hollow Form with Finial

Club Christmas Party

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Jim Duxbury: Kaleidoscopes

Walt Wager: Purse Boxes

Barbara Dill: Off Center Spindle Turning

Frank Bowers: A 'Beads of Courage Box'

Mike Gibson: Hollowing Techniques

Benoit Averly: Small Box With the Skew

Dennis Paullus: Acorn Boxes

Peggy Schmid: CA Glue Finishes on Turnings

Ken Hamilton: Coloring Wood

Nick Cook: Small Gift Items: Angel, Snowscicle, Snowman, Tops, and Trees

Ken Hertzog: Embellishing Turnings with Colorings, Applications, and Piercings

Club Christmas Party




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Mark Sillay - Tool Fundamentals

Mark Waninger making segmented bowls and vessels.

Richard Morris: Putting Feet on a Bowl

Mark Sillay: Chainsaw safety and how to process a log to turning blanks.

Robert Lyon: The Creative Process

The Jim Creel: Turning very long stemmed flowers.

Steve Prichard: Bird Houses

John Jordan: Tools and their maintenance, Basic turning procedures.

Frank Bowers: The Natural Edge Bowl.

Harvey Meyer: The Basket Illusion.

Tania Radda Very Creative Turning

Club Christmas Party.

2013 Newsletters


Nick Cook demonstrates proficiency with the skew.

Rudy Lopez makes very thin winged forms.

John Mascall makes thin platters that can be displayed on a wall or flat.

John Lucas makes a small hand mirror.

Dan Tull talks about his John Campbell visit and making hollow forms.

Avelino Samuel demonstrates making collars, feet, and finials for hollow forms.

Don Leydens demonstrates decorating techniques.

Kimberly Winkle non-traditional forms and decorations.

Ray Key makes a lidded box.

Frank Bowers demonstrates making a 2-piece hollow vessel.

Alan Carter makes a suspended vessel.

Club Christmas party.

2013 Newsletters



Brian Sykes: Use of Inlace as an embellishment

Mark Gardner: A Square Bowl with Textured Surface

Nick Agar: Surface Decoration, Hanging Platters

Joe Gettys: Making Special Purpose Tools

Harvey Meyer: Small Lidded Box with Surface Decoration

George Blankenship creates offset goblet and Dreidel Box

Dixie Biggs demonstrates multiple wood techniques

Skip Wilbur Demonstrates Bulb and Finial Type Ornaments

Christmas party for members and their guests.


Frank Bowers: Hollow Forms

Leon Thomas Demonstrates Small Embellished Bowls

Henry (Turk) Alliston: Holding Techniques and Safe Practices

Ashley Harwood: Sea Urchin Ornament with Finial

Bradley McAllister: Coloration Techniques

Ed Lewis: Tops, Wood Characteristics, Chemistry of Finishes

Steve Pritchard: Wrist Bangles and Coloring Techniques



Jimmy Clews: Tools and Techniques - many ways to do things

Rich Aldrich: Casting Resin Techniques

Mark St. Leger: Turning Scrap to Art

Ernie Newman: The Turned Female Form

Wes Jones: High Quality Finish

Mark Sillay: Ornaments with His "Toothpick Technology"